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What you pay for when you join community based tourism:
Where your money go Laos CBT
Description Pay Direct to Money Amount Around The Money will Use for
Tour permit, Laos National Tourism Fund 3%: Luang Namtha Tourism Department
Tourism Police  Department
5 US$/person Doing marketing, monitoring, tourism development, provincial guide training…
Food & Water 13%: Local village 4 US$/person/meal  
Community Based Tourism "CBT" Activities 23% Local village Cultural performance: 25 US$/time; traditional Baci-ceremony: 25 US$/time; CBT Activities “such as :husking rice “by hand or foot”, black smith, making bamboo basket “bamboo toys: birds, frogs, cup…” & participate in the day-to-day work of the family: 7 US$/each activities  
Accommodation “Homestay” 10%: Local “owner homestay” 4 US$/Night/person  
Transportation 9%: Driver Tuk Tuk: 25 US$/time; Motorbike: 15 US$/Day; Bicycles: 10 US$/Day  
Guide Fees 13% Local guide and village guide Leader guide who speak English: 15 US$/day; Local guide: 8 US$/day  
Handicrafts 5%: Local village Each: 5 SS$  
Village Service 3%: Local village Each time: 5 US$  
Village Fund 2%: Local village 2 US$/person/time Village tourism development, training, managements…etc.
Tour Service 17%: Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism, village partnership 12-15 US$/person Marketing, Office Management, Officer salary, small benefit…
Provincial tax 2%: Provincial tax 1 US$/person  
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Phonesay Village, Luang Namtha District and Province, Laos
+856-(0)20-2881 9198
Ban Namdee Homestay "Lanten Village"
Ban Nam Ha Homestay "Khmu Village"
Ban Vieng Neua Homestay "Tai Youn Village"
Ban Nam Deat Mai Homestay "Akha Village"
Ban Sai Leck Homestay "Yao Village"
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